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Forgive And Have Faith.

Canon and Info
Usergroup - Bizarre Dolls by Vel ♚
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Important site information, such as the rules of the forum and canon user groups, is stored here.

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News on site updates are posted here, as well as activity checks and OTM voting.

Help Centre
How to Use Simple BBCode by Vel ♚
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Are you in need of assistance? Just post here and an admin will come around to answer any questions you may have! This board also includes helpful guides.

Advertise and Affiliate
Myth: Grand Reopening by Rare
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Advertise your site here or come affiliate with us! This board is guest friendly.

Fallen And Born Here.

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Are you ready to venture out into the world? Then post your character application here in the appropriate sub board. Please be sure that you've read through the site rules first and checked the face claims list before proceeding!

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This is where all the accepted character applications are kept. Need to see who's ready to roleplay? Then look no further! It's also very useful to read everyone's applications before plotting, so feel free to check things out.

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Post your plot pages here and get those ideas rolling! This board also includes a place for thread trackers and wanted ads.

This Blood-Soaked World.

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The residence of her Highness, Queen Victoria, herself. She keeps a watchful eye on England here. And if you try to trespass, you will most likely be taken down by guards before even laying a finger on the fence bordering the entire property.

The Phantomhive Townhouse
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The young earl, Ciel Phantomhive, stays in this elegant, little house during the winter time with his faithful servant, Sebastian Michaelis.

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The finest public school in Britain, and established near the River Thames. With it's elegant architecture and prestigious attendees, not everyone can manage to get into this school.

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Though there are many people populating this area of London, it is still very well maintained. Many tourists gather here to catch a glimpse of Big Ben.

The East End
Mindless [Evy] by Sivan Taaveti
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Without a doubt, the East End is definitely the shadier side of London. There is a very high rate of crime, and it is run down due to the overflowing amount of immigrants. Stay on your toes if you dare venture here.

This Divine World.

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An exact replica of the original Phantomhive Manor, which was destroyed a few years ago in a raging fire. It is owned by the young earl, Ciel Phantomhive, and is maintained by Sebastian Michaelis, Maylene, Bardroy, Finnian, and Tanaka.

The Trancy Manor
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A beautiful manor owned by Alois Trancy. It is maintained by Claude Faustus and Hannah Anafeloz, along with Timber, Thompson, and Canterbury.

The Midford Manor
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Owned by the head of London's knights, Alexis Midford, he lives here with his wife, Frances, and two children, Edward and Elizabeth.

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There are other places in England besides London, such as various farmlands and small villages.

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Though it may be hard to believe, there are places beyond the British Isles. Whether it be Italy, France, or maybe even America, you can visit anywhere here.

Vanishing Into The Distance.

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This is the homeland of the angels and where worthy souls are transported after they're separated from their bodies. Demons are greatly despised here, and they will most likely be killed if they attempt to enter.

Mercurial [open] by Alphonse Chamberlain
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This is the homeland of the demons and the souls of the damned. Angels and pure spirits usually cower in fear of this land, so they don't usually have to worry about invasions.

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Welcome to the Dispatch Society, workplace of any and all Shinigami. What can be found here are plenty of reapers and cinematic records. Demons, angels, or humans are not welcomed in the Dispatch.

Walking Into The Silence.

For Your Entertainment (IC)
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Step up one and all! Try your hand at one of these exciting games if you so dare. This board is exclusively for in-character games that are meant for nothing more than a few laughs.

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Taking a vacation? Not going to be around for a few days? Let everyone know that you will be gone so we aren't worried about you. It is also wise to post here in the chance that you are gone long enough that your account will become inactive.

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General out of character chat for the fine members of Requiem. You can talk about your favourite food, what you did today, or how much you love Kuroshitsuji.

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Site archives for all closed and inactive posts.

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